Vol. 25 (2016): Special Issue

Are the K–2 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Developmentally Appropriate?

Published 2016-12-15


In this article, I (a) illustrate how the K–2 CCSSM reflect the major findings from research studies carried out over the last 30 years on early mathematical abilities that indicate these standards are developmentally appropriate for young children, and (b) offer insights into some types of instructional strategies (e.g., student-centered approaches, assessment methods) that teachers can use to implement the standards to foster young children’s mathematical abilities and dispositions without detriment to children’s natural development. I conclude that the K–2 CCSSM can be used as a tool to understand children’s natural ways of thinking and encourage innovative learning and teaching in school settings. The K–2 CCSSM also provide a common referent for early mathematics educators to discuss how to improve early mathematics education.