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Reflective Essays

Vol. 26 No. 2

The Intersection Between the Internationalization of Higher Education and Community-University Partnerships: A Case Study from Mozambique

October 20, 2020


Higher education strategies focusing on either internationalization or community–university partnerships are often regarded as distinct from each other and dichotomous. The former usually are concerned with international knowledge; the latter, with local knowledge. This article presents a case study to argue that the two approaches can intersect, presenting an opportunity to improve the process of learning and teaching in higher education. As part of its strategy to internationalize, Lurio University, Mozambique, is part of a partnership through the Consortium of New Southern African Medical Schools (CONSAMS). Lurio University also has an established community engagement program, One Student One Family. Drawing on relevant literature, we argue that universities can benefit from viewing these strategies as interconnected and complementary approaches that bolster knowledge processes and advance learning. When both approaches are used to inform curricula and improve pedagogy, synergetic and much improved higher education systems can be achieved.