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Projects with Promise

Vol. 18 No. 2

The Community Grant Writing Project: A Flexible Service-Learning Model for Writing-Intensive Courses

  • Courtney Stevens
June 16, 2014


This article describes the Community Grant Writing Project (CGWP), a flexible service-learning framework designed for use in writing-intensive courses. The CGWP incorporates best-practice recommendations from the service-learning literature and addresses recent challenges identified for successful service-learning partnerships. In the CGWP, students combine direct service hours with a local nonprofit organization with assistance in writing grants to support specific initiatives at the organization. In the process of writing grants, students apply academic research and writing skills in a real-world context. In a first-year seminar, the CGWP has demonstrated its value for meeting student learning objectives and community partner needs. The article concludes with suggestions based on student and community partner feedback for implementing the project in writing-intensive courses.