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Research Articles

Vol. 18 No. 2

What's a Degree Got to Do With It? The Civic Engagement of Associate's and Bachelor's Degree Holders

  • Mallory Angeli Newell
June 16, 2014


This study explored the civic engagement of adults holding an associate’s degree compared to those holding only a high school diploma and those holding a bachelor’s degree. Most prior research has focused on individuals who hold 4-year degrees; the present study, however, sought to understand differences between holders of 2-year degrees and 4-year degrees. Descriptive statistics showed that associate’s degree holders exhibited higher rates of civic engagement than high school graduates but lower rates than bachelor’s degree holders; the regression analyses showed that associate’s degree holders were significantly less likely than bachelor’s degree holders to be civically engaged, but more likely to be engaged than high school graduates, suggesting gains in engagement from a 2-year degree.